Good Parents

10 Aug

Good parents give their children roots and wings. Roots to know where home is and wings to fly away and exercise what’s been taught to them. Giving them the confidence to gain the skills to lead their life purposefully. I can proudly say that wings have taken me around the globe but my roots are still where my family is.

Be loving, committed to the task of raising your children with high expectation and positive sense of self regard. Expect them to be good person and achieve success in your life. Set an example for your kids. Be honorable and have principles in life. Teach them the right and righteous methods. Spent maximum time with your kids. Share your experiences and tell them your life stories. Teach them your ideals and make them a stronger and wise person.

Express love and gratitude to your kids. Tell them often how much they mean to you. Be understanding, patient, gentle and a good listener with them. Know their point of view. Tell your point of view and make them differentiate between right and wrong. Be gentle and show affection towards their mother so that when their time comes they can follow your successful marriage example to lead their own married life happily. Tell them how much traveling is important and how important it is to see the world.

Tell them about the need of love and formal education. Teach them the difference between intelligence and wisdom. Keep telling them that “they can do it” over and over again with time. Tell them to do what they are passionate about and what interests them. Develop their self-confidence to face any situation or challenge in life. Talk to them about ‘standards, values, developing oneself and its value in their life. Tell them about how to make and evaluate decisions, when to cut your losses and walk away and when to stick with situations in adversity.

Teach them not just to have and get but rather become and being. Tell them to listen their gut feeling. And how not to get fooled by others. Know that all answers are within you. Just trust yourself. Take your alone time and find the answers and implement them.

Find something you love and go live it with confidence and happiness. Tell them that their goals should stem from their values and then their work will radiate their desires. This will distract them from all silly distractions that will only waste their time and nothing else. Teach them to care about people and respect nature also teach them true spiritual values and beliefs and push them to practice it to purify their soul and strengthen them as a person. Make them think about their life and live it like that.

If you are overly protective or possessive about your kids later when they become parents they will understand your insecurities. Don’t be too harsh on them but not too lenient/liberal as well. A certain edge and it will be easy to communicate with them.

Develop your child’s self-esteem in their childhood years. This will take them far and help them reach their desired goals.

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