Conversation With My Lord

15 Jul

Have you ever had a conversation with your Lord? I have had that and that is the best feeling in the world. What a beautiful, peaceful conversation it was. I let out every single bit of me. Told Him everything that He already knows. The hidden parts that no one could see. I laughed, I complained, I begged, I hoped, I apologized, I told Him of my pain. I emptied my heart out. What I have been going through, how much I need His help and blessing. I talked and talked and talked. It’s said no one can be a better and true friend except Allah Almighty. He understands you and no judgments are made ever. It was as if it’s not me who is conversing with Him rather it was my heart. And when I could say no more, my voice choking, my tears finished what was thought by my core. It feels so good to let someone know what is inside me. Every bit of it. I know I can never open up to anyone like that. It can only be Allah. The Greatest Listener.

How strange it is. I am telling Him what he already knows, but still He listens to all of it, understands it and truly He helps His people in some way or another. The relationship I have with my Lord is eternal. A blessing. Far above any other relationship in this world. The king already knows of what the slave desires. Yet, He cherishes the slave and lovingly listen to the sighs and cries. And you may ask, did I get a reply? And I would say YES!

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