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Organics Shea lip repair lip balm ($4.10) rub it all over your lips and then gently rub Colgate toothbrush to remove any dead skin on your lips.

  • Shea butter promotes skin cell growth, aids in skin elasticity, helpscalm inflamed skin and soothes dry, cracked lips
  • Moisturizing almond oil in it nourishes lips
  • Use daily for intensive treatment for dry, dehydrated or mature lips9b38f013-1677-4f35-b261-1ed08a186268.jpg


  1. LIP PRIMER by Anastasia Beverlly Hills ($16.00): A sheer, lightweight formula that moisturizes and prepares lips for color. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer to prevent pigment from fading, flaking, or feathering. Wear alone or as a basecoat under lip color can be used as a nightly conditioning treatment.lip_primer_tn.jpg
  2. Rub towel against your lips after washing your face to remove any dead skin
  3. Put Vaseline or clapstick over night to get smooth soft lips over night
  4. Get a sugar scrub and apply it on your lips and then rub it with tissue in order to remove all the dry skin.

Revlon Color stay concealer makes the canvas blank for you start working on it.

Similarly concealer even the tone of your lips and makes it easy for the lip color to settle on your lips. It’s a winner for concealing everything from dark circles to brown spots and81f86f92-4f3b-4266-af46-a7dcbbbc202e_Revlon_colorstayconcealer.jpgred marks from breakouts. In fact, the formula is well suited for breakout prone skin.


  1. Use nude bash eyeliner to outline your lips
  2. Foundation brush over your lips to give them and even tone
  3. You can use the applicator to do so or use lip liner brush to get precision.


NYX lip liner in Plush Red

  1. Use the lip liner that matches with your lipstick or lip liquid.slimlippencil_main.png
  2. However you can apply lip liquid or lipstick without lip liner too but I would suggest do it with lip liner application on the boundary of your lips first.
  3. Then fill the lips with the lip liner.
  4. I would suggest go for: MAC, KYLIE lip liners.


NYX lip liner in Plush Red, Revlon Color stay concealer, NYX Wonder pencil in Medium

Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in Nude Delight040-nude-collection_product

Makes you make your lips soft and light and you can lighten your lip color the way it is desired. There are 10 shades available in it. I would suggest to have a look at the options and have one in your bag 24/7.

Sugar Cosmetics Its A Pout Time Lipstick in Mad Magenta

These are creamy matte lipsticks but they settle down to a true matte lip colors. They are not powdery mattes so I find them more forgiving. They do not accentuate fine lines on lips and you can get away with these even on non perfect lip days. They glide on easily, do not settle in fine lines. I found that they smudge a bit around the edges so I have to wear a lip liner especially around the edges of my mouth. They are extremely comfortable to wear and they do not dry out the lips.

These are long lasting lipsticks. All of them have stayed on my lips for more than 6 hours and have left a stain behind. Plus they survive full meals. I have worn them all during the day and also to a party. Did not fail at all.  You can also pat these lipsticks on lips and use as a long lasting stain.sugar-cosmetics-its-pout-time-lipstick-review-700x467

NYX lip liner in Brown, Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in Nude Delight 

Use small strokes

  1. When applying liquid lip color, avoid long continuous strokes rather go for small strokes
  2. For upper lip start from corner and then come in the middle of the lip
  3. However for the lower lip start from the center and then go to the sides.

Use concealer to give it a clean and perfect finishing

In the end use a tissue press it on your lips and then remove. It will pull out any extra concealer on your lips.

Brushes that are used to apply lip color

  1. MAC 22A brushimages
  2. Prefer flat and stubby brushes rather than long thin brushes.
  3. MAC 231
  4. MAC 316


End note: I would suggest go for Anastasia Beverly Hills products or Mac.

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